Month: July 2011

High Yield Toner Cartridges

Every printer user whether it is an individual or a big organization wants to get best performance from their printing device at an economical cost. The desired printing solution by users is a very big challenge for printer and toner manufacturers. For these reasons, manufacturers spend a large […]

Cartridge Recycling Canada Made Easy

Recycling of used cartridges is very popular in Canada. In this country almost every citizen is very determined in helping to clean the environment and make something about out of it. With the help of cartridge recycling Canada, every citizen of this country can really play a very […]

Printer Maintenance Tips and Guide

Keep the Print Heads Clean It is important to keep the printer heads always clean. Clean printer heads stops ink from clogging the nozzles of the printer, and reduces ink smudge on the paper. This is especially important for HP and Lexmark printers, as they don’t always do […]

Be Careful With Printer Jams

Don’t ram the paper out if you encounter the paper jam issue. This can seriously damage the printer, which I have seen is done many a times. The first thing one should do is refer the printer’s user guide and manual. One can also refer the printer manufacturer’s […]