When You Get the Sign that Toner Is Low!

Brother MFC 9970 cdw

Brother MFC 9970 cdw

Follow the instructions for Brother MFC 9970cdw toner reset.

1. Open the Cover.
2. Press the #1 quickly.

If you don’t press the number 1 quickly, the printer would keep faxing. For the stop working, you could try to close the door and try again. Sometimes unplugging for a while would help you to get toner reset menu.

3. There would show the choices to reset the toner on your touch screen.

4. Choose the colour you wish to reset.

    • For Black, select K. TNR STD
    • For Yellow, select Y. TNR STD
    • For Cyan (Blue), select C. TNR STD
    • For Magenta (Pink), select M. TNR STD


You won’t have the sign “your toner is low” any more 🙂

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