Ink & Toner Cartridges

How to reset Brother HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDN, HL-3150CDW, HL-3170CDW toner counter

Brother HL-3140CW

Brother HL-3150CDN

Brother HL-3150CDW

Brother HL-3170CDW

1. Please open the front cover of the printer (to access toner cartridges).

2. While the front cover is open, simultaneously press the Secure and Cancel buttons.

3. Now the printer will show the reset menu on the LCD display.

4. Scroll down through the menu to select a colour and yield to reset.

The LCD will read “Accepted” once the reset is complete.

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  1. Reboot the printer after pressing the Secure and Cancel, then after reboot repeat Step 1 and 2 again. You should then see the reset menu appear.


  2. I just bought a HL3140CW model … but didn’t want to buy it until I found a way to reset the color cartridge counters. Based on the responses I see here, I think this is what I was looking for. Thanks.


  3. Just a clarification. If I’m understanding the instructions correctly, each individual color cartridge counter must be reset – one at a time – meaning that to reset all 4 cartridge counters, I’d have to repeat steps 1 & 2 four times. Correct?


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