The Compatible And Original Toners In Vancouver

Compatible And Original Toners In Vancouver

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Toner is a type of ink that is used in laser printers and copy machines. It also comes in the cartridge, but the cartridge is filled with a dry, powdery substance made up of carbon and polymer. The powder is then transformed into ink when the machine gives an electric charge, which melts, enabling it to adhere to the surface you are trying to print onto. If you are looking for Reliable Toners in Vancouver then TonerParts can provide you with the best services in the city, along with the highest quality products.

How Does Toner Work?

TonerParts offers the best toners in Vancouver. Let us show you the functioning of a toner:

  1. The powder is stored in the toner hopper, a small container built into a removable casing.
  2. The printer gathers the toner from the hopper with the developer unit. The “developer” is actually a collection of small, negatively charged magnetic beads.
  3. The beads are fixed to a revolving metal roller, which moves them through the toner in the toner hopper.
  4. Because they are negatively charged, the developer beads collect the positive toner particles as they pass through.
  5. The roller then brushes the beads past the drum assembly.
  6. In the further process, the drum then circulates over the paper, which has an even stronger charge and so clutches the toner.
  7. The paper is immediately discharged by the detac corona wire, after collecting the toner.

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