Get Big and Bold Print With Large Format Printers


Your Best Ever Investment Made With TonerParts

To get the best large format printers in your office, visit TonerParts! We offer a wide range of printers with the best quality in Canada.

Large format printers are typically used to create oversized graphic displays for events such as meetings, trade shows, storefronts, building wraps, billboards, pop displays etc. Print manufacturers use special machinery and equipment create these types of displays. So if you want to create something big out of your firm, rely on TonerParts to provide your business with the best large format printers to meet all of your needs.

If you are thinking of buying a brand new large format printer, then you should know that large format printing is ever-changing technology that keeps on improving for the purpose of evolving graphic prints.

Now, What Are The Key Points To Remember When Dealing With The Large Printer Format?

  • How long is the shelf life of your large format printer?
  • What kind of material is ideal for printing? Paper? Vinyl? Fabric?
  • Where do you want to display the graphic? Is it indoor or outdoor?
  • Where will your graphic be installed or displayed?
  • From what distance it will be viewed?
  • What kind of finishing and installation will it need?

Nowadays there are a lot of incredible and exciting options available depending upon the build and size of your graphical needs. TonerParts offers all kinds of printers to meet all of your demands!

For more detailed info please visit www.tonerparts.comor call us at toll-free: 1-866-550-2244, tel: 604-988-5520, tel: 604-988-6620 or fax: 604-676-2740!


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